The Sterionics microplasmatron generates cold plasma (average mass temperature less than 100 degrees Fahrenheit body temperature).
Three configurations of the microplasmatron have been developed by the Sterionics team, permitting the use of water, gases (such as xenon), air, and chemical solutions as base generating matter for the device. A portable device powered by a battery has also been developed for use in-the-field and for emergency applications.
The plasma stream destroys microbes, viruses and fungi without harming tissue or, in medical applications, causing discomfort to the patient.
In preliminary trials outside the United States, Sterionics devices have been demonstrated effective in a variety of healthcare applications, including destruction of staphylococcus cultures in vitro and in vivo; treatment of viral keratitis, herpetic infections, and diabetic ulcers; and other conditions.

Advanced Physics for Healing and Disinfection
Advanced Physics for Healing and Disinfection

Sterionics offers a simple, portable, effective sterilization device that ensures:


-  Sterilization time reduction

-  Promotes healing

-  Moderate cost

-  Low energy consumption