After Treatment with Sterionics' Device
Untreated Control
The study of Sterionics technology at the Calhoun Lab at Akron General is the first joint project between the Akron General Medical Center and 5iTech, LLC, one of Sterionics’ founders. The work has centered on wound care and infection prevention, and will continue to focus on the validation of a micro “cold plasma” device that has demonstrated strong antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties in a wide variety of medical and dental applications.
“We are pleased to collaborate with 5iTech to further develop this innovative technology to improve patient care associated with the management of simple and complex infections,” said James Dougherty, MD, Chairman of Medical Education and Research at Akron General Medical Center.
Sterionics plans validation studies of its technology and prepares for collaboration with at Akron General Medical Center.
Akron General’s Technology Transfer, Commercialization and Innovation Office brings life-improving ideas to the patient’s bedside.  The office serves as a gateway for enterprising companies to access medical intellectual expertise and consultation for potential product development.
Sterionics Collaborates with Akron General Medical Center.

Advanced Physics for Healing and Disinfection
Advanced Physics for Healing and Disinfection

Sterionics wins Great Lakes Innovation and Development Enterprise (GLIDE) Grant.
Sterionics recently received a $25,000 grant from the GLIDE Innovation Fund, which the company will use to complete in vitro testing at Akron General and Kent State University. Animal testing of the technology is expected to begin next year, with human trials following after that. This is an important step along the path to FDA approval and product launch. See complete article about Sterionics in MedCity News. (more...)